Come connect with horses in a safe, beautiful, family-friendly environment and experience the magic!  Horses live in the present moment. Without judgment, they invite us to calm down, be honest with whoever we are and connect with them as part of their herd.  It is amazing what can happen when we allow ourselves to be drawn in and begin to understand life through the eyes of a horse.

At MoonRise Farm we help build transforming life experiences through partnering with our  horses. Our program is small and flexible, operating during the spring, summer and fall seasons. 

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Located on 45 acres in the historic district of Taftsville, Vermont, MoonRise Farm features our amazing horse co-workers, a c1850 three-story Post and Beam barn,  several pastures, riding ring, round pen,  horse playground and miles of woodland/field trails. 

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 Update            Update         Update          Update         

 Some exciting news from MoonRise Farm. Last year Joany Simonds, a former middle and high school volunteer, was home for several months and came to volunteer once again. She not only brought her horse skills with her this time, but now also her professional experience in the business world. She helped to clarify how I wanted to see the work of MoonRise Farm evolve. She set up a strategic plan and then encouraged me to pull together a steering committee for its implementation. In the fall of ’17 I gathered people who had understood and been part of the uniqueness of our work over the past 15 years. They are an incredible group full of passion, expertise and commitment. They unanimously felt we should develop a nonprofit and agreed to be the board of directors for MoonRise Therapeutics, Inc.

I have a lot of gratitude for….

  • All our  awesome volunteers and interns who helped sustain MoonRise Farm activity since 2002
  • Joany for her inspiring guidance and passion for our work
  • And now for our incredible board members who will assure the sustainability of our services into the future!!

Thank You         Thank You         Thank You