MoonRise Therapeutics Inc

Mission Statement: To create a nurturing environment of clinical expertise and equine experiences where individuals and families can receive personalized support and counseling to deepen self-understanding, overcome obstacles to well-being and grow resilience.

Our Vision: MoonRise Therapeutics will become a known community resource for children and families to receive mental health support and services using a holistic and experiential approach. We will increase services to more families and expand our  trauma-based therapies. MoonRise Therapeutics will become a resource for other providers and their clients who may benefit from short-term equine work as they navigate through difficult aspects of treatment. MoonRise Therapeutics will create a sustainable and replicable model and offer training for other providers around equine assisted therapy.

Values: Moonrise Therapeutics applies these values to us as an organization and to the people we serve.

  1. Connection: Bringing our full self, in the present moment, to meet the other.  A connection to self, others and our natural environment is critical to good health. The survival and well-being of a horse herd is dependent on their connection to each other and their environment.
  2. Holistic: We understand the parts to be intimately interconnected and best understood within their context as a whole. We not only look at the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of a person, but also the family, societal and cultural forces at play.
  3. Curiosity: A quality that enables us to observe and explore aspects of being without judgment. What do you notice?
  4. Awareness: When we are aware and conscious we can direct the exploration of ourselves and our relationship to others and our environment
  5. Honesty: Growing our authenticity even when it is difficult
  6. Congruence: Heart, mind, body and spirit all speaking the same language helps us be authentic and our horses to be happier.
  7. Respect: A feeling or understanding that each person and horse is inherently good and should be treated in an appropriate way. We recognize and accept differences.
  8. Compassion:  To have empathy and respond, desiring to alleviate suffering in oneself, others and the natural world.
  9. Competence: Doing our absolute best. Partaking in excellent trainings and employing evidence based practices.
  10. Playfulness: Meaning presence and responsiveness, lightness and attentiveness, improvisation and creativity. It is a willingness to let go and become part of. It implies an attitude of openness, accepting the invitation to construct and reconstruct our lives.

As we work with individual, family and group dynamic issues, we utilize a holistic approach to address root causes of symptoms identified,  especially in regard to our work with trauma.